Meet the LBD Babes

More than a Little Black Dress...​                    

LBD became a reality in October 2013.  Kimberly was experiencing Empty Nest when her daughter and best friend, Alexandra left for college in July 2013. Being in her 40's, Kimberly wasn't ready for not having a career or having her daughter around  to take care of. The struggle was real...

She began to plot and scheme a way to convince and entice Alexandra to reconsider her plans on becoming a dentist and to pursue her true dream of becoming a "Beauty Guru" in the Fashion Industry. After begging, bribing, and making 1,000 promises to her daughter, Alexandra had only one question… "How fast can you get the U-Haul here?"

LBD was then created and the rest is history.


Kimberly Harris

Owner and Stylist 

Kimberly is the brains behind LBD By Design! She has brought high end fashion combined with personal styling to Louisiana, and is now expanding globally.  She looks at an outfit as being a masterpiece and a work of art, not just clothes thrown together. She likes for all of the LBD Stylists to be artists and for us to create a unique and gorgeous masterpiece for all of our clients! 

Kimberly's style is very fashion forward and is always the first to try out new styles and trends! 





Alexandra Harris

Partner, Manager, and Stylist

Alexandra is the other master mind behind LBD! Being only in her 20s, she has worked endlessly to give women a full shopping experience with personal styling and fashion forward clothes. Alexandra's main goal, as well as the other stylists, is to empower and boost the confidence of every woman she meets! 

Alexandra is the It Girl Stylist! She styles some gorgeous outfits from everything to Red Carpet Events to backyard BBQ's! When you walk into the LBD store you always see Alexandra dressed to 9s in the latest fashion styles, and eager to help and chat away with anyone who walks through the door!





Brooke Moore

Manager, Social Media Assistant, Model and Stylist

Brooke graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, so fashion has always been in her blood! She loves when women walk out of the dressing room feeling beautiful and confident in their own skin. Brooke loves styling outfits for cocktail and formal events, as well as concerts and vacation wear!

Brooke's style is girly with a little bit of edge! She also likes to draw inspiration from different decades especially the 70s and 80s. You may have also seen Brooke modeling outfits on our online store and social media!  




Grace Thomas

Stylist and Model

Grace is our go-to shoe queen! I swear, everyday this girl has on some of the most amazing and cutest shoes you have ever seen. Her girl-next-door and sweet personality brightens the room and makes everyday at LBD so fun!

Grace's style is very fun and girly! She is not scared to try new styles and trends, and loves to wear different patterns and bright colors from head to toe! You can also see Grace in some of our fashion videos on Facebook and Instagram giving some great styling tips! She is also a student at BPCC in Bossier.