Rules are meant to be broken.. And thats why Fashionistas like to "March to the Beat of Their Own Drum!!" Here are some of our favorite "Fashion Guidelines" that we love to break!



Wearing White After Labor Day

We've all heard our grandparents say "You can't wear white after Labor Day!" Well this rule is TIRED and DONE! Winter White is chic and and very fashion-forward, and can be worn year round!


Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints used to be a No No! But now we see this trend among our favorite Fashionistas! Remember when you mix prints its all about balance, so if you do a thick print on bottom do a thin print on top and vise versa.

Matching Shoes to Bag

It used to be a Rule that everything we wore had to be Matchy Matchy.. Well not anymore! Instead play with different colors that people wouldn't necessarily expect to go together and you'll be looking like a Fashion Queen

Color Blocking

Many women are scared to Color Block... But this can be a super chic look and a fun way to elevate your wardrobe! This Fashion Statement is wearing multiple solid colors together in one look. Color Blocking works best with primary colors and bright Jewel Tones!! 


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