LBD Babes Life Hacks! How To Get Victoria's Secret Hair!

So everyone is looking to get that full and sexy Victoria’s Secret hair, and we are going to tell you how you can get this amazing look at home without breaking the bank!

What you will need is the Marc Anthony Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, this is great for growing longer, stronger and healthier hair. Also, the Marc Anthony Curl Cream to define your curls and the Dry Oil spray is a must to protect your hair from heat. Other products that we can’t live without is our detangling Wet Brush, Bed Head Hair Spray, and the Batiste Dry Shampoo.

So to get these fabulous curls you will need the Beachwaver S1 ½ inch barrel. Put the Beachwaver about halfway down the section of hair and curl up and away from the face. Be sure to hold the the curling iron on your hair for only a couple of seconds to not burn your hair!

Let your curls cool, spray some hairspray, and tossel out your curls for that sexy model look!

For thicker hair you don’t have to tease the hair. Just brush it out with your Wet Brush and your hair will still hold that curl and have that beachy wave. Also, add the Marc Anthony Dry Oil spray to the ends to hydrate the hair.  

And for girls with fine hair, don’t worry you can still get this look too! Just take two to three sections of hair at the crown to tease. Back comb the hair because we don’t want matted hair ladies! Finish the hair off with some Bed Head hair spray, also spray underneath the hair for some added volume. And don’t forget to brush through your curls for the beachy look!

All of these products are very affordable and available at Walgreens and other drug store, so you can get this runway look without breaking the bank!

Be sure to try this look and let know how it works for you!



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