This year for Holiday and New Years Parties don't be scared of a bold and dramatic makeup look. This festive time of the year you can go for an 'shimmery' makeup look and step out of your comfort zone! 

Some of our favorite makeup trends this season are: Gold or Silver Shimmer Eyeshadow, Dramatic Winged Eyeliner, a Wine or Mauve Lip, and Heavy Highlight and Contour.

Our LBD Stylists have put together a makeup holiday inspiration that you can do yourself, and you'll definitely be turning heads all night long! And this look only takes around 20 minutes to do!!

  • For this beautiful Makeup Glam we did a warm eye to play off the warm tones in Brooke's Burgundy Dress.
  • Start by doing your normal foundation and concealer. 
  • Then  work on the eyes! We used the Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palate.
  • Start with the Base Lid by using a gold shimmer, Primavera in the eyeshadow Palate. Then, in the crease use the Burnt Orange and work your way toward the other edge of the eye and blend down. 
  • We then mixed the Red Ochre and the Venetian Red shadow to really add that festive look! Start underneath the eye and blend it out to the corners. Then blend the the red down on the lid but be sure to not to blend all the way down to the lashes to keep it light. 
  • After you are done with the lid, use the highlight shimmer Vermeer shadow on the brow bone and work down to the tear duct. 
  • Once your done with blending your eye shadow, do a black winged eye liner and heavy black mascara for a really dramatic look! 
  • And a must have for Holiday Makeup is contour and highlight! We used the Tartest Glow Palate by Tarte.  With your bronzer, you want to make a C with your bronzer working your way under the cheekbone and at the jaw line.
  • We then added and a golden shimmer bronzer to really set off the contour and for a more festive look! Dust the golden shimmer lightly all over the face. 
  • Now for our favorite part! Highlight! Dust a heavy highlight on top of the cheekbones, down the nose, and on the cupids bow. 
  • For the finishing touch, add a deep mauve lip, Patina by Stilla is our go-to!





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