Every single body is made differently, uniquely, and beautifully. Most of the time our bodies are not set in a definite category of Hourglass, or Pear, or Athletic, and etc. We are sometimes a combination of several body types and thats okay!  Use these tips as a starting point and combine tips that match your figure.



  • Hourglass Body Types are curvy in the bust and hips but have a smaller defined waistline. You have the definition of the #lifegoals body!! 
  • Fitted styles look amazing on this figure because is shows off your waist and your amazing curves! Go for fitted dresses and skirts that has some stretch in it that way the garments will really hug your curves. 
  • When shopping for pants and bottoms look for something highwaisted so that it will hit at your waist to really show off how small it is.
  • Stay away from boxy or flowy styles because this will make you appear larger than what you are. If you want to do a flowy skirt make sure its high waisted and pair it with a fitted bodysuit or fitted top and tuck it in.  
  • Alexandra is wearing this gorgeous fitted wine romper that really shows off her shape! The seam at the midsection snatches her waist, and the heels make her legs look super long!  


    • When you have a Athletic Body Shape your waist is undefined and you have a small to average bust and straight through your hips. With a Athletic Body Shape show off your shoulders and your lean arms and legs! 
    • You can create the illusion of a defined waist with high waisted pants or skirts and accenting with a belt. Bell Bottoms are your best friend because they do the work for you in giving you shape!
    • Pair your high waisted bottoms with a top that has as some sort of embellishment (such as collars, bows, or ruffles) or an off the shoulder top. By adding volume this creates the illusion of an hourglass look!
    • Stay away from square necklines because this will make you look boxy. Instead go for halter, razor back, strapless, and off shoulder tops to show off your shoulders and arms! You can do flowy pieces as long as you can see a waist line! 
    • Brooke is wearing an off the shoulder flowy top with some really funky leather bell bottoms! By doing a front tuck and adding a belt this will add curves and the off shoulder top will show off your shoulders!

    Pictured: White Off Shoulder Top   Black Faux Leather Bell Bottoms


    Green Floral Sweater, White Mini Skirt

    When you have a Pear Shaped Body you are slim through your arms, shoulders and bust and curvy in you hips. 

    Women with Pear Shaped Body Types can literally rock any style of top and definitely play up colors and patterns! To show off your narrow shoulders go for tops that have structure and are more fitted, also off the shoulder tops are a MUST for you!! 

    To balance your silhouette, go for tops that add some volume and stay away from anything that would accentuate and add volume to your hips and thighs. 

    Definitely invest in A-line tops and dresses, as well as high waisted pants and skirts. When shopping for accessories you can pull off anything! Have fun with it and go for a fun and bold statement necklace or earrings!  

    Grace looks amazing in this floral top and white mini skirt! The floral print balances the silhouette and the thigh high boots elongate the legs! 


    Pink Cross Front Sweater

    An Apple Body Shape is when you carry most of your weight through your bust and midsection, and your hips aren't particularly curvy.  

    When you have an Apple Body Shape play up your best features.. Your bust and your legs! ANYTHING with a V-Neck is your best friend! Look for tops that have structure, because this will give you a more defined waist. Also, A-Line tops and dresses are very flattering on your body type.

    When accessorizing, go for a delicate but long drop necklace to show off your bust and to elongate your torso. 

    When shopping for pants, skinny jeans and leggings look amazing paired with a flowy tunic or an oversized sweater or button up.  If you want to elongate your body, go for some high waisted flare pants and heels!  

    Jasey is wearing this adorable pink V-neck wrap sweater with a drop necklace which elongates her neck and shows off her waist to give her an hourglass look! The high-waisted jeans and heels makes her legs look extremely long too!


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